2019 Sault Summer Arts Festival (47th Annual)

Jeanne Tubman Wins Best of Show at the August 6 Sault Summer Arts Festival

Best of Show Winner Jean Tubman and Festival Judge Helga Flower

Best of Show Winner Jean Tubman and Festival Judge Helga Flower

Sault artist Jeanne Tubman added to her extensive Best of Show winnings on Tuesday, August 6, when she took the $300 Olive Craig Best of Show Award.  A versatile, photo realistic oil painter, Jeanne is best known for her maritime and wildlife studies.

Last year’s Best of Show winner Tony Strublic, won the $150 Painting Award.  Tony works in pencil, producing meticulously detailed ship and lighthouse drawings.  He was last year’s Best of Show winner.

Paul Mason won the $150 Best of Crafts Award with a bountiful display of wacky welded creations.

The $75 Judge’s Choice Award went to Rudyard wood worker Mark Besteman for his rustic furniture.  Mark won last year’s Wood award and Judge’s Choice in 2017.

The following $50 Awards went as follows: 

DesignAndrew Heimy, Round Island Pottery. 

JewelryDavid Hamlin

FiberDeidre Stevens

GraphicsSchmidt-Marken Pottery

Photography:  Marine photographer Mike Mishler

PotteryJames Taggert

Best DisplayDanielle Lynch.

Honorable Mention Awards went to Mark Taylor, T & S Jewelry; Pam Van Seggern, who works with beach pebbles, and Woodland Indian artist Zoey Wood Salomon.

The festival judge was Helga Flower, who has a national reputation as a painter, workshop presenter and juror.

The Sault Summer Arts Festival is presented annually as a public service by the Sault Area Arts Council, based in Alberta House Arts Center.  For photos and details, see below or the September issue of “Alberta House News”, available and downloadable the first of every month at:  www.saultarts.org.

Jean Jones, Sault Area Arts Council, Festival Chairman

Painting Award Winner Tony Strublic and Festival Judge Helga Flower

Painting Award Winner Tony Strublic and Festival Judge Helga Flower

Best of Crafts Winner Paul Mason with his imaginative welded yard ornaments.

Best of Crafts Winner Paul Mason with his imaginative welded yard ornaments.

The 47th Annual Sault Summer Arts Festival Is Tuesday, August 6!

Tuesday, August 6, 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.
Portage Street, Between Osborn And Ashmun In Sault Ste. Marie, MI

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The 2018 Sault Summer Arts Fair on Portage Ave, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Photo by Sue Johnson.

A great show, a great site—who could ask for anything more? Well, great weather would be nice, but we learned a lot in 2010, when we were jammed in a tight spot on the courthouse lawn and even before exhibitors were setting up, dealing with a major lashing rain with strong winds, that looked like an all-day event. We were braced for a very tough day, worried about exhibitors and damage to their work and, since a lot of them are teachers or retired teachers traveling on a shoestring, that they would be losing money instead of making it. Well, we underestimated both them and you.

Exhibitors calmly put up their flaps and took the opportunity to talk to fellow exhibitors and stop by and talk to us. Sault people proved to be a hardy breed. They don’t like the heat much but are very capable of dealing with rain and whenever the winds died down a bit, popped open their umbrellas and shopped. Exhibitors reported an okay day and we didn’t hear a grouchy remark and decided that from then on, we wouldn’t fret about bad weather that we wouldn’t have been able to do anything about anyway.

Our site last year proved to be ideal and you can thank Justin Knepper and the DDA for making it so. The entire area is barrier free, and it’s never been easier to access the booths. You can make a day of it and take advantage of the fine restaurants in the area.

The festival offers twelve awards, furnished by area businesses and professionals:

The following Awards are all $50.

This year’s festival Judge is renowned painter, juror, and workshop presenter, Helga Flower, whom we are proud to claim as a former Sault Area Arts Council Board Member (before she went international) and an early Sault Summer Arts Festival participant.

Exhibitors to date are:


Bay Mills/Brimley Historical Society. Information, local history books, raffle tickets for Pat Norton print & kayak, more.

Bike Friendly Soo. Bike streamers, rockets, info, more.

Les Cheneaux Maritime Museum. Boat raffle.

Presbyterian Church Women. Quilt raffle (Queen sized quilt below).

Queen-sized quilt to be raffled by the Presbyterian Church Women


Jan Barnes. Fine leather purses and wallets.

John and Bonnie Dienes. Leather belts and wallets.


Richard Hill. Sault author of “Lake Effect”, “Hitchhiking After Dark” and “Lost in the Woods”.

Deidre Stevens. Local history books.

Moira Wilson. Les Cheneaux Historical Museum display and raffle for a traditional Les Cheneaux Island style rowboat. Historical novel.


Deb Nolan. Applique on women’s clothing.

Deidre Stevens. Hand knit apparel.


Anthony Strublic. Marine pencil drawings specializing in Great Lakes ships. Last year’s “Best of Show”.

Marine pencil drawing by Anthony Strublic.


Brigid Garbini. Quilted bags, potholders, table runners, gnomes & more.

Fiber gnomes by Brigid Garbini.


Dee Besteman. Maple syrup and maple syrup products.

Bonnie Eklund. Sugar Island Kettle Corn.

Judy Graham. Black Pearl Chocolate & Seasonings.

Ricky Hilliard. Twisted vegetables, elephant ears, onion rings, more.

Nate Treece. Kettle corn.


Linda Laeder Beaver. “Pearls Gone Wild”. Pearl drops, straight from the oyster.

David Hamlin. Silver, gold and semi-precious gem jewelry, including Lake Superior agates and green stone.

Jennifer Lasslett. Fused glass and acrylic jewelry and more.

Fused glass jewelry by Jennifer Lasslett.

Danielle Lynch. Jewelry made from dried seeds, blossoms, more.

Cheryl Stevens. Ceramic jewelry, ornaments & small dishes.

Mark Taylor, T & R Jewelry, fused stones, silver.

Jewelry by Mark Taylor, T&R Jewelry.


Paul Mason. Imaginative welded yard ornaments.

Imaginative welded yard ornament by Paul Mason.

Chris Vandermuellen. Iron work, yard ornaments, more (see wind spinner under Yard & Garden).


Lorna Bricco. Watercolors on various articles and cards. More.

Heather Laurence. Watercolors, realistic and surrealistic.

Jeanne Tubman. Marine and wildlife oil paintings, prints, cards.

Painting by Jeanne Tubman     Isaiah 11:6-9, oil painting by Jeanne Tubman. Click to see more.

Zoey Wood-Salomon. Traditional Woodland Indian painting, prints and cards.


Mike Mishler. Marine photography.

Marine photography by Mike Mishler.

Norris and Traci Seward. UP photographs—prints, tiles, cups, coasters & more.

UP photograph on cup by Norris and Traci Seward.


Brigid Heimy. Round Island Pottery. Stoneware.

Stoneware by Brigid Heimy, Round Island Pottery.

Schmidt-Marken Designs. Stoneware.

James Taggart. Variety of fine stoneware.

Fine stoneware by James Taggart.

Cheryl Stevens. See Jewelry.


Mark Besteman. Wood outdoor furniture and more.

Wood outdoor furniture by Mark Besteman.

Yard & Garden

Bonnie Eklund. Garden stakes & wind chimes

Paul Mason. Imaginative welded yard ornaments.

Chris Vandermuellen. Iron yard ornaments.

Wind spinner by Chris Vandermuellen.

Pam Von Seggren. Stone yard ornaments

Where and When

The 2018 Sault Summer Arts Fair on Portage Ave, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Photo by Sue Johnson.    The 2018 Sault Summer Arts Fair on Portage Ave, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Photo by Sue Johnson. 

The festival, a juried exhibition and sale of fine arts and crafts that are exhibited by the artists themselves, is sponsored as a public service by the Sault Area Arts Council, based in Alberta House Arts Center. This year’s festival will be held Tuesday, August 6, in the block of West Portage between Osborn and Ashmun, just east of the Soo Locks. Festival hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and admission is free of charge to the general public.

Festival exhibitors will be competing for multiple awards that include the three-hundred-dollar Best of Show Award, the one-hundred-fifty-dollar Painting Award, the one-hundred-fifty-dollar Best of Crafts Award and the seventy-five-dollar Judge’s Choice Award. There are, in addition, fifty-dollar awards in Design, Jewelry Fiber, Graphics, Photography, Pottery, Wood, Glass and Display.

The judge this year is the nationally known water media artist and workshop presenter Helga Flower.

Last year’s site worked out wonderfully. The DDA blocked off Portage between Osborn and Ashmun and gave us the entire area so the booths were set up right in the street, making every booth fully accessible and very handicap friendly, and even with the scramble to set up in the morning the set up itself went remarkably well. It’s important to us that our services be fully accessible to the public, whatever their income, so we don’t charge for any of them. This makes donations and volunteers critical for the production of any of our events.

Festival applications can still be downloaded from the Sault Area Arts Festival website: www.saultarts.org. For more information, e-mail: saac@saultarts.org or call Jean Jones at 906-437-5463.

The Sault Summer Arts Festival is produced as a public service by the Sault Area Arts Council, based in Alberta House Arts Center in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. The mission of the Arts Council is to promote the arts in the Sault Area. The festival workers and entertainers are, and have always been, all-volunteer. Admission to the festival for the general public is free of charge.

Information about this year's festival is available here.

Sault Area Arts Council Home Page
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e-mail: saac@saultarts.org Phone: (906) 635-1312