August 9, 2018

2018 Sault Summer Arts Festival Award Winners! (pdf)

OLIVE M. CRAIG BEST OF SHOW AWARD. $300, given by the Olive Craig Gallery to: Anthony Strublic, detailed marine pencil drawings.

BEST OF CRAFTS AWARD. $150 award, given by National Office Products and Moloney’s Alley to: Duck boat kayak on exhibition by the Les Cheneaux Historical Society. Made by Paul Wilson, Mike Jellison, Bob Smith, and Lynn Wolters at the Great Lakes Maritime Museum

PAINTING AWARD. $150 award, given by the Le Sault Artists Guild to: Jeanne Tubman, Sault photorealistic painter

JUDGE’S CHOICE. $75 Award, given by the Art Store to: Brigid Garbini, Birch Point summer resident and fiber artist, for quilted wall hangings and bags, wool gnomes and more.

AARRE LAHTI DESIGN AWARD. $50 award, given by the Sault Area Arts Council: Terry Markwardt of Austin, Texas, designer of innovative kitchen and barbeque tools that really work

JEWELRY AWARD. $50 award, given by Monocle Jewelry: Daniele Lynch, with jewelry made of seeds and flowers

FIBER ARTS AWARD. $50 award given by Leanne and Gary Deuman: Carol Oslage from Tomahawk, WI, with a huge variety of baskets in all shapes and sizes

GRAPHICS AWARD. $50 award given by Kevin Cooper, D.D.S.: Mosquito Creek Designs, the business name of Chris Vandermuellen from McBain for a huge array of yard ornaments

PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD. $50 given by Thomas J. Veum, Leanne Barnes Deuman and Michael T. Veum, Attorneys: Mike Mishler from Holly, MI, specializing in marine photography

POTTERY AWARD. $50 award given by the Soo Co-op Credit Union: Mark Kozma, formerly of Cedarville, now based in North Carolina

WOOD AWARD. $50 award given by Michael Bryce Winnick, Attorney: Mark Besteman, of Rudyard, who crafts furniture for home and yard of wood from his own mill.

YVONNE PEER GLASS AWARD. $50 award given in memory of Yvonne-Hogue Peer, genealogist, historian, author, artist and Sault Summer Arts Festival Chairman from 1992 to 2001: Rick Shapero, Cedarville Glass blower, last year’s winner and previous Best of Show and Best of Crafts winner.

BEST DISPLAY. $50 award given by The Art Store: James Taggert, Marquette potter displaying stoneware

HONORABLE MENTION: Jeanette White, multi-media Native crafts and jewelry artist from Bay Mills

HONORABLE MENTION: Heather Laurence, new Sault resident—an illustrator and painter

HONORABLE MENTION: Paul Mason, a Sault Summer Arts Festival regular and frequent award winner with wacky metal yard ornaments made from discarded metal objects

Congratulations to all the winners!

The 46th Annual Sault Summer Arts Festival Is Tuesday, August 7!

Attention Exhibitors:

Set up will begin after Portage Avenue closes at 6 a.m. on the morning of the festival (Tuesday, August 7).



New exhibitor Michelle Baber is coming from Grawn, MI. She crafts jewelry from Petoskey stone, fordite and more. Many are wire-wrapped; others made into bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

Jan Barnes. Good news, everybody! The two-time Best of Crafts winner makes leather purses that are better than Gucci. Made of butter soft quality leather by a woman who knows what a woman needs in a purse—compactness, good organization, great colors, zippers and pulls. Every year we think she may not be back—hauling equipment and setting up is not a job for wimps—but she’ll be here, so look over her great display while you can.

Cedarville craftsman Jessie Bellard will be showing ceramic vessels.

Brimley summer resident Barbara Bryant will be displaying her bracelets and necklaces at a table next to the Arts Festival booth.

Bay Mills/Brimley Historical Society is featuring raffles for an antique, vintage 4-patch quilt and another for a signed lithograph of the Beaverhead Lighthouse. They’ll have historical info booklets, kids’ toys, caps & tees & more.

Linda Laeder Beaver of Pearls Gone Wild. Not exactly a jeweler since she doesn’t make the findings for her pearl drops, but a show person with a gimmick. Buyers choose an oyster, which is then opened and whatever type or color pearl is in it is inserted into a necklace while they watch.

Dee Besteman doesn’t have to be introduced because most locals know about Besteman maple syrup in Rudyard. Her booth has, in addition to the syrup, maple candies, including cotton candy spun from maple syrup. She’s set up beside her son, Mark Besteman who crafts outdoor furniture and other objects made of wood from his mill. Mark won last year’s Judge’s Choice Award.

Lorna Bricco is a veteran exhibitor and very multi-dimensional. This year she’s listing glass slides, but always has much more than that, including painted furniture and lots of what she calls whimsical watercolors—small watercolors of mostly local scenes and flowers, painted with a light touch, many in shadow boxes.

Bonnie Dienes is here with a variety of leather belts and buckles, as well as wallets tough enough for a teen or slim and soft for a purse.

New this year is Bonnie Eklund, with yard ornaments.

Brigid Garbini is in with quilted wall hangings, bags and wall hangings.

Shirley Harrer, winner of a number of Best of Crafts awards, is best known for her teddy bears and moose, but also has a wide array of altered clothing and sewn items.

Rich Hill, author of a number of Sault-based books, will be there, signing and selling.

Mark House is back after a gap of a couple of years, with his large array of sparkling, stained glass suncatchers.

Mark Kozma, who won last year’s Pottery Award, is back.

Heather Laurence is an established painter and illustrator but new to the Sault. You can get a better taste of her work on her website:

Danielle Lynch has been in the show a number of times with what she calls “botanical jewelry”, crafted from palm seeds and flowers in her “Gypsy Rose Studio”.

Debra & Terry Markwardt craft surprisingly efficient barbeque and kitchen tools of their own design which they market under the name of Wiseco. Not only are the utensils innovative and well made—they really work. The couple from Austin, Texas, is in the festival for the third time.

The festival would feel strange indeed without the wacky metal wonders of Paul Mason, who turns junk into whimsical garden denizens.

New exhibitor Mike Mishler specializes in marine photography. Mishler lives in Holly, MI.

Another photographer is Mike Moberly, of the Sault. His photo on the subscription page of the newsletter illustrates just why we love Michigan.

Deb Nolan, from Grayling is a festival veteran. Deb creatively restructures and embellishes jackets and sweatshirts to make one-of-a-kind wearable art clothing.

Lately we haven’t had much in the way of baskets, but that changed this year when Carol Oslage applied. She is billed as “Village Crafters” and displaying both baskets and cutting boards. Oslage is from Tomahawk, WI.

Also new are Annmarie and Rick Pals, who market as “I’m Just Saying”. The couple, from Illinois, pro-duce alcohol ink art on metal, paper and ceramic.

Sault photographer and wood craftsman Norris Seward is back with his crisp EUP images and his fine furniture. For a taste of what’s to come check out his website at:

Schmidt-Marken Pottery, winner of many a Pottery Award, is back with their distinctive decorated stoneware.

Cedarville glass blower and multiple award-winner Rick Shapero is back with his glass in deep, swirling colors and fluid designs.

Deidre Stevens is in with a huge variety of knitted items and her books on local history.

Tony Strublic will bring his pencil drawings of marine subjects. He generally wraps up the Graphics Award with his detailed work.

A new potter, James Taggert from Marquette, is bringing a variety of functional mugs and bowls.

Mark Thogerson is a scrimshaw artist who uses fossil ivory and naturally shed materials from moose etc.

Jeanne Tubman, a reliable award winner who took last year’s Best of Show, will be there with her photorealistic marine and wildlife paintings and prints.

Mark and Stacy Taylor are back with their sterling silver rings and distinctive semi-precious stones. He’ll size your ring while you’re there, for a perfect fit.

Jarrod Vandenberg is a Sault designer, who will be displaying some intricate off-loom bead weaving as well as digital paintings and traditional art work.

Chris Vandermuellen has so much new ironwork that he has nailed down multiple sites for a spectacular display.

Moira and Paul Wilson’s canopy will shelter both Moira’s books and a beautiful 12’ wood duck kayak to raffle for the Great Lakes Historical Society. Moira is also a fiber artist.

New artists Eugen and Monica Zah from Columbia, South Carolina will be displaying hand painted and decorated crystal files.


Non-profits include Bike Friendly Sault, with information and streamers to jazz up your ride, and the First United Presbyterian Church Women raffling a handmade, king-size quilt. Bay Mills Brimley Historical Society will have tees, caps, lots of info plus a raffle for a vintage quilt and an etching. Les Cheneaux Historical Society will be selling raffle tickets for a beautiful duck-boat kayak.


This is a festival where you ought to arrive hungry.

Sugar Island Kettle Corn is back!

In addition to all the fine eating establishments on the block, you’ll find Carvito’s Wood Fired Pizza with us.

Ricky Hilliard is back with his twisted vegetables on skewers, onion rings, and elephant ears.

UP in Smoke, with their barbeque, curly fries and more will be there as usual.

You can get your sugar fix at Besteman’s booth.

Festival Raffles

Festival raffles include a king-size quilt by the Presbyterian Church Women and a twin-size quilt hand-pieced 4-patch vintage quilt by the Bay Mills/Brimley Historical Society. The latter is made of patches from the 1930s and 1940s so would be too fragile for a child’s bed. The historical society is also raffling off a Bob Fagan framed and signed lithograph of the Beaverhead Lighthouse, 31.5 x 23.5”.

The Les Cheneaux Historical Society is selling raffle tickets for a 12’ duck-boat kayak constructed by Paul Wilson, Mike Jellison, Bob Smith, and Lynn Wolters at the Maritime museum.


February Sky, the acoustic folk duo from Trout Lake, will be playing for your enjoyment from 2 to 4 p.m. You can also hear them and others the weekend of August 10 to 12 at the Sugar Island Music Festival.


From July

The 46th Annual Sault Summer Arts Festival applications are still available for download on the Sault Area Arts Council website.

Applicants may also e-mail: for an application or write the Sault Area Arts Council, Alberta House Arts Center, 217 Ferris Street, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783, c/o of Jean Jones, for a mailed application.

Our annual Sault Summer Arts Festival is truly a moveable feast. Moveable because we’ve had many sites, beginning with our first on the Court House lawn, then, for many years the Sault Area High School. We were at LSSU in the Cisler Center one year, then for most of the 1990s lined up at the locks. We spent many years on the Tendercare grounds, and when Tendercare left and the building became the City Hall, we remained there except for 2010, the year the grounds were being readied, when we were back on the Courthouse lawn.

When we were lucky enough to host the U. S. Air Force Band of Mid-America’s pop group, the Starlifters, we moved to the LSSU campus to better accommodate them and have a rain site on the premises. LSSU was such a warm and generous host, and the view was so magnificent that we remained there for two more years. This year we’ve moved again. The DDA has blocked off Portage from Ashmun to Osborn to accommodate us—lots of room in the locks area.

And this year, a feast, because we’ve never had such a variety of food vendors, from UP in Smoke and Sugar Island Kettle Corn to Carvito’s Wood Fired Pizza. From downstate we have someone with fry bread and Indian tacos and someone else with veggies on a stick, elephant ears, and onion rings, and Besteman’s Maple Sugar products from Rudyard. And that block of Portage is jammed with fine restaurants! You don’t want to dine at home. Besides, the festival is open until 8 p.m.!

We have oysters, too—not to eat, but with pearls for make-as-you-wait necklaces. You’ll see many regulars you always look for and some interesting new craftsmen with crystal tiles, pottery, quilted items, marine photography, baskets and cutting boards, alcohol ink art and yard ornaments. We’ll have the up-to-date list for you in the August edition.

Sault Area Arts Council Home Page
217 Ferris Street, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783
e-mail: Phone: (906) 635-1312