2021 Christmas at the Alberta House

2021 Christmas at the Alberta House
2021 Christmas At The Alberta House

Christmas at the Alberta House show is in full swing!

We’re so thrilled to let everyone know that the 2021 Christmas At The Alberta House show is up and ready to shop! We have hundreds of amazing works, all from local artists, designers, craftsman and creators.

This is one of the most creative years we’ve ever had; with so much alacrity, we urge you to browse this years selection of goodies. From the perfect, unique gifts to stocking stuffers, we’ve got something for everyone this year.

Shopping small makes all the difference in the world. The ability to support your local creators is no small thing. The hours and sometimes weeks to months they’ve put into a single piece, on top of the thousands upon thousands of hours to learn their craft is shown appreciation the moment you purchase something. It’s a shift in dynamic and helps these local creators continue to learn, create and support themselves and their families through their creativity. We cannot stress enough what an impact it makes and this Christmas can be not only amazing with a one-of-a-kind item, but knowing you’ve also made that creator’s holiday season by grabbing that gift is wonderful in itself.

From textiles, sculptures, fine art to handmade watercolor paint and cards, there's a plethora of amazing items to check out this year!

Christmas at the Alberta House goes all the way until just before Christmas and these items, unlike big box stores are unique and one-of-a-kind, so the earlier you come, the more you have to choose from. These gifts are amazing and not only something to check out, but worth grabbing for a truly unique item.

The Alberta House Arts Center and Gift Shop is open:

Tuesday – Saturday

11am – 4pm

Hours are subject to volunteer availability.

PHONE: (906) 635-1312

While you’re shopping and browsing, don’t forget to give a huge thank you to the volunteer who’s working that day. They’re giving their time to help us and all the local creatives in the show and it’s not only deeply appreciated, but we couldn’t do this without them; tell them how awesome they are while you’re there. They’re our superheroes!’


Thank you for reading and we look forward to you seeing the amazing creations!

  • Jarrod Vandenberg, Olive M. Craig Board Member