Huge Thank You to our Volunteers

Sault Area Arts Council is a non-profit organization and the Alberta House is 100% staffed with volunteers from the community, for the community. Our appreciation for their time knows no bounds and we’re always looking for people to help us stay a non-profit organization.

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are many opportunities for volunteering at the Alberta House. We currently have needs for the following:

• Gift Shop/Alberta House Volunteer, staffs the gift shop and helps throughout the day with visitors who come to the Alberta House.

• Business Manager, any or all functions: Sits on the SAAC Board. Collects money from sales, Gallery rent, makes bank deposits to assure that SAAC and the Gallery are paid appropriately. Keeps records of donations and SAAC membership, as well as contact information. Assures that Michigan sales tax for ALL Gift shop and Gallery sales is paid. Coordinates with SAAC treasurer regularly.

• Organizer Sault Arts Auction and Dinner: Sits on SAAC Board, coordinates with the Galary for the promotion(Mini Gallery for display of donated items, etc.) of the yearly Sault Arts Auction and Dinner. Using artists and general membership list calls out to artists to donate a work of art and others to donate an aution worthy item. Makes arrangements for the venue, dinner, autioneer, art donations.

• Organizer Yearly Donation Requests: Sits on SAAC Board, assures that yearly donation letters are sent, and member list of requests sent, donations recieved, printed news letter request and contact information are updated yearly.

• Organizer of the Sault Arts Festival: Sits on the SAAC Board. With input from the SAAC board and the Gallery Board arranges for Jurying of the Vendor/Artists and of the Festival. Coordinates with the city the planning and implematation of the yearly Arts Festival. Collects all fees, communications and applications for booths with from vendors and artists. Assures timely notices and advertising for this important event.

• SAAC Board Gift Shop Manager, any or all functions: Sits on the SAAC Board. Assures that Artists who sell work in the Gift Shop keep their inventories and contact information up to date, assures rotation of stock in the gift shop, and maintains list of volunteers and contact information. Assures that the artists are paid timely and appropriately for the sales of their work.

• Other volunteers with various talents: We’re always looking for a variety of help with a differing degree of talents, abilities and functions. We’re a non-profit and function 100% from volunteers. From construction and book keeping to gardeners or welders; Your skill is always needed and appreciated in terms of volunteering. We’re always aiming to bolster the community and arts within it, please feel free to send us an email or call to inquire about volunteering in any capacity. It’s appreciated and your altruism is always needed.