Alberta House Gallery and Gift Shop

What is the Alberta House?

The Alberta House Gift Shop and Olive M. Craig Gallery located in the heart of Sault Ste. Marie, MI is a resource, hub and heart of SAAC. Located at 217 Ferris Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, 49783. With it’s own board, the Olive M. Craig Gallery, while separate from the Sault Area Arts Council, remains connected under SAAC, and constantly strives to create new in-roads with community artists.

The Alberta House is the heart, art and soul of the Sault Area Arts Council. It proudly boasts two gallery showrooms, one smaller and one larger, which makes up The Olive M. Craig Gallery as a whole. We also have a full gift shop, stocked with our Members creations and works.

With an annual Christmas At The Alberta House and other events throughout the year, we’re extremely proud of our own piece of creative heaven.

The Alberta House is closed for the month of January and re-opens in February. The Alberta House Gallery is proudly wheelchair accessible with a wheelchair ramp installed.

The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is staffed 100% by our amazing Volunteers. It features a large collection of creations for sale from our members.

You can sell in our gift shop by being a member of SAAC, one of the perks of joining, if you’ve ever had a show with us or you may bring an example of your work(s) in for board approval.

The Galleries

The Alberta House has two Galleries contained within it, a larger and a smaller gallery, which both make up the Olive M. Craig Gallery as a whole. We have monthly shows with artists from our local area and surrounding Upper Peninsula. You can contact us to inquire about showing your work.

Your Donations Make This Possible

As a non-profit, SAAC and by extension The Alberta House is always in need of repairs, community outreach and various other things for our local artists and improvements to the Alberta House. Any donation and/or membership is deeply appreciated. Click the button below to find out how. You can also click the next button to find out about how to volunteer to help us as well.